Where are you from?

2 jul 2018

@firli I have edited your story title so we can discuss about where we are from here, in the comments. By the way, I'm from France, Lyon.

6 jul 2018

France here, and representing the world famous (and most beautiful city in the world) Marseille.

10 jul 2018

Boulder Colorado here

11 jul 2018

I'm from London

19 jul 2018

@fredftn From Marseille as well! ;)

8 aug 2018

Adelaide South Australia

9 aug 2018

:flag-it: Italy

14 aug 2018

Originally from Mexico but adopted Canadian a few years ago :grinning:

19 aug 2018

@Josephbd We should meet :victory_hand::smiley:

20 aug 2018


20 oct 2018

Next mate from Poland :)

11 dec 2018

San Juan Puerto Rico,concept custom painter

22 dec 2018

@daam Le Grau du Roi sud de la France :wink:

8 jun 2019

Berlin, Germany here :-)

30 jun 2019

Bielefeld, Germany

4 jul 2019

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