How do you get a bike featured?

25 sep 2018

As the title says really I'm interested to know how a bike gets featured?

24 sep 2018

@warbird Bikes are featured on the homepage manually by moderators or automatically if they reached a certain amount of likes. Regarding the instagram, I manage it myself so I pick 5/6 bikes everyday. There isn't any rule. It's just my personnal taste: nice custom bike, nice picture. Hope it helps

27 sep 2018

Hi @daam! Have you seen @guidolinpepe bikes? They are awesome!! Please share them on Instagram <3 :fist:

27 dec 2018

@dinobertelli indeed, I did share one of the 2 :+1:

17 jan 2019

Would love to be featured by you.... :smiley:

1 may 2019

I’ve never been featured yet I would love to

29 apr 2020

a list of the newly added bikes would be good too, because I think a lot of good bikes are never seen.


30 oct 2020

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